Faith for the Heart has returned.

We have spent months redesigning the Faith for the Heart web site. Our renovation has been top to bottom. We have literally had redesign Faith for the Heart from scratch. This means our new look is more than skin deep. There is still work to be done. A lot of work. In the end, all of the hard work will be well worth the effort it took to bring this new site to you.

There are now twenty distinct sections to Faith for the Heart. In the future we will add more sections to Faith for the Heart. Our goal is as it has always been: to create the premiere christian web site for all of Christianity.

Beginning tomorrow, November 15, 2017, Faith for the Heart will begin launching its new content one section at a time. We have a lot of new content; and we will be continuing to create new syndication partnerships to continue to bring you the best articles available on the web today.

We hope you enjoy the new site. Tell your family, friends and co-workers about it. Share it at church. Help us grow so that we can better serve our Lord by serving you.

May our Lord guide you and protect you in all of your ways, for all of your days.