Sunday, January 20, 2019
by Sonja Mattison Dennis stared at the blank sheet of paper that covered his mahogany desk deciphering what he should draw. He wanted to empty his cobweb of ideas and form a masterpiece. He mused until he became weary of thinking, and finally plopped his head on the desk to rest, but drifted off into […]
by Rachel Jamerson With my coffee in hand, I settled back into my favorite chair on the deck and prepared to enjoy my early morning read. The ocean was unusually calm today, just a few white caps gently lapping the shoreline. I could never get over the beauty of that huge body of turquoise water […]
by Richard L. Provencher When challenges in life threaten to overwhelm me I pup-tent on a three-acre island at Economy Lake, for the weekend. Its quarter mile distance from the mainland appears more like an explosion of rock lined with trees, and also a sanctuary for birds, small animals and a place of respite; perfect […]
by Billy Adams Scott was frozen in fear. How could he solve this dilemma that so affected his life and well being. Should he try to run for it or comply with the stated demands of a person many referred to as “The Puppet Master”? Moving to his position, Scott gently sat down in a […]

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