When I was 16 years old I learned that my mother was born with a caul or double veil. This was believed to be an extra piece of skin some children with. And there was an old wives tale that said children born with a caul were gifted with special abilities; most commonly clairvoyance: the ability to see future events. Stephen King based his book The Shining on this tale. The boy, Danny, had been with a caul covering his face. My mother had been born with the caul from head to toe. The caul is actually the placenta; the sack the fetus develops in while in the womb. Normally the baby is born and the placenta is ejected after the birth. For some children, when the mothers water broke a piece of the placenta stayed on them as they were born. I theorized that if the old wives tale was true and people born with a small caul had these gifts, then my mother being born with the caul from head to toe gave her the potential to be a super psychic. I also theorized that since half of my genetic makeup came from my mother, I should have an easier time developing my abilities than the average person. I then set out to prove my theories. I wasn’t just interested in clairvoyance. I wanted the full range of psychic abilities. Levitation, telekinesis, psycho kinesis, and psychometry. More importantly I wanted full control over them. I didn’t want them to occur randomly and wreak havoc on my life. To prove my theories I had to learn about psychic phenomenon. Every chance I got I bought books on the subject. I was careful to buy other fiction books to read to hide my studies and avoid being labeled. Finding books that gave reliable information was difficult. I learned quickly most books on the subject were crap. I decided to pick them intuitively. To use my nascent psychic abilities to find the books that would further my development. This worked very well. I raised the quality of my books to about 90%. Nine out of ten books were helpful to my endeavor. One of the first things that came to me during this time was the phrase: ‘Unlearn what you’ve learned.’ I took this to have two meanings: 1. I had to reprogram the accepted definition of what was possible and 2. I had to undo the psychological damage done to my psyche by an abused childhood. This opened my mind to the world of psychology, which I quickly learned dismissed psychic phenomenon as tricks of the mind or symptoms of neurotic conditions. As my studies progressed over the moths I started sensing things before they happened. These were little indicators. Wait a second, avoiding a possible accident. Not to go a certain way. And there were other strange occurrences. When I was 21 I awoke suddenly in the night. My body felt saturated with energy. I KNEW in those moments I could do anything. All I had to do was think a thing and it would happen. Doubt was nonexistent. Then I realized that I could think a thing and make it happen. And once done it couldn’t be undone. That scared me. I was very angry at that point in my life and had to work to control my temper. In response to that fear my set these abilities – this power – behind a wall where it was safely locked away. But once opened, that door can never be completely closed. Over the years that power pressed against the psychological blocks that kept it locked up. The result was a venting of sorts. Like a volcano venting lava to release pressure. The power would leak through the blocks and for anywhere from a week to three months my psychic abilities would roar into overdrive. When it subsided, my abilities were always stronger than they been before the venting. This would happen every two or three years throughout my life.