It isn’t often that a story this powerful comes along. Mike Palombi’s message of hope is encouraging, inspiring, and a welcomed antidote for those struggling with the condition of hopelessness. His message is delivered powerfully, simply, and not without answers to some of life’s most troubling circumstances. Whether you are an inmate, an addict, a housewife, or a church pastor, Mike’s message crosses multi-cultural boundaries and respectfully challenges every man and woman, young and old, to re-evaluate their own lives and choose how they will live. Mike’s message of hope has reached audiences, large and small, in prison, church congregations, schools for at-risk youth, drug treatment facilities, recovery groups, and youth and men’s groups. The 30-year owner of a construction company, Mike Palombi has been building foundations–-both for houses and for young lives. For nearly 10 years, Mike has used his trade skills and experience of overcoming the entanglements of addiction and incarceration to teach at-risk youth the importance of building foundations for life. For 20 years, Mike has also participated in the Juvenile Awareness Program (formerly known as “Scared Straight”) at East Jersey State Prison, and served as a member of the program’s advisory board. An award-winning author, he is an active member of Life Chapel at the Jersey Shore where he lives with his wife, Heidi. “You should write a book, Mike!” For years, people who heard my story of redemption and restoration–earned through decades of getting smacked upside my head, both literally and figuratively–told me that they wanted to see my story in print. But all I’d ever done about writing a book is stand in defense against why I couldn’t write one. To me, writing a book was just another opportunity to fail. And I’d failed enough in my life, thank you very much. What was keeping me from giving my testimony in a book? Let’s just say that the greatest enemy of accomplishment is the fear of failure. But I finally set aside that fear, took a leap of faith, and put my story on paper. The task of writing this memoir required me to live in what I call, “The Uncomfortable Zone,” the place where transparency and vulnerability prevail–the place where being a tough guy doesn’t cut it. I had to take a hard look into the dark corners of my life that was so thorough and so deep, it hurt–bad–and then it healed and restored my life. In the end, that leap of faith made me an author, so that now I can share my story with people all around the world. –Mike Palombi Buy the Book