We have a brand-new look!

Our new look is more than skin deep!

We are rebuilding Faith for the Heart from the foundation up.

Faith for the Heart is committed to bringing you the most robust site we can create. We want to create a Magazine that’s unique for you, the reader, and to glorify God, our Father and Creator. To do this, we had to recreate Faith for the Heart from the bottom up, creating an entirely new foundation.

This new foundation allows us more flexibility and mobility. It gives us the flexibility to give each section its own unique look and features. Each section is being designed to represent its own unique category. As we move away from the desktop only systems of the past, we needed to implement a more responsive design. Our new look will have the same appearance across all devices: Desktop PC’s, Notebooks, Tablets and Smartphones. Now you will be able to read your favorite sections and authors from anywhere in the world that has internet or data services available.

With this new foundation, we can grow more easily, adding more sections to Faith for the Heart. Adding more sections will give you, our readers, more information in one central location. By making Faith for the Heart a hub in your daily life, we can create a more robust and powerful tool for the glory of God.

We’ve already added new sections to Faith for the Heart. Our new sections are:

  • Amazing Grace, a section where our readers can share their Testimonies,
  • Faith and Health, our new Health and Fitness section,
  • Our Recipes section has been renamed Food and Entertaining and now includes helpful articles, current trends, as well as delicious recipes,
  • Christian News Center, our News Center,
  • OnGuard Online, our section dedicated to protecting you and your family. These helpful articles are reprinted with permission from the Federal Trade Commission,
  • Christian Entrepreneurs, our new Business Section,
  • Home and Garden, our new Real Estate section includes helpful articles about home buying, home improvements, home decorating and gardening.,
  • Travel, our new section Travel section with helpful tips on traveling,
  • Lifestyle, our new Lifestyle section,
  • Fiction, our new section for Christian Writer’s.

Over the next year additional we are planning to add more Sections. These new sections will continue to enhance our reader’s experience and continue to glorify the Lord. We will announce each new section at least one month before it’s launch.

Our new look also includes a new logo. There was some hesitation in letting go of our old logo, but we did. We told our designer, Owen Larson, to take his best shot and impress us. He did! He put a lot of serious thought in to redesigning the Faith for the Heart logo. Each part has a unique meaning – and that’s another story for another time.


We’re excited about our new look and our new content. We hope you are too!

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